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Cooking classes developed for teens.

Give your teen the gift of independence.

Whether you are looking for an exciting way to spend weekend nights or a new hobby that would help your teen gain independence, LKA Teen Nights are a perfect solution.

Our Montessori-inspired environment encourages each student to focus on what interests them the most: be it exploring culinary art, learning new skills, or making meaningful connections.

In Teen Night classes, students develop their knowledge about nutrition, eating locally and organically, and the impact of their food choices on their minds, bodies, and the environment. They will learn how to safely handle a wide range of kitchen equipment, discover how to tweak recipes, and prepare amazing meals they can recreate at home with family and friends.

The curriculum We empower teens to cook on their own, which builds confidence, independence, and healthy eating habits.

LKA Teen Nights are an excellent occasion to prepare for an independent life away from home at college or university, explore an exciting career path of a chef or nutritionist, or develop social skills and learn to make connections with other students with diverse experiences.

During the sessions, our team of professional instructors covers a wide range of topics about food literacy and nutrition that are essential for young people to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The curriculum includes developing a healthy portion and preparing meals for diverse categories such as athletes, picky eaters, and people with a food trauma or eating disorder experience.

Teen Nights are suitable for all learning styles and backgrounds from traditional schooling to alternative education for exceptional learners.

Friday & Saturday nights your teen won’t stop talking about.

Our instructors actively engage with the students and take their aspirations into consideration while facilitating a class. They will work through relevant, on-trend recipes that will appeal to them and challenge them to think outside the box. During Teen Nights, students may be presented with new cooking techniques, recipes from different cuisines, or a challenge to create a healthier version of a popular restaurant and fast-food dishes (say goodbye to instant noodles!). Recipes for teens are divided into the following categories: budgeting, one vs the other (comparing homemade food with store-bought food), social media trends/ movies/ tv shows, new cuisine or cooking techniques, think outside of the box (limited tools available, only pantry ingredients, plant-based substitutes).

While cooking a meal from scratch, teens may have conversations about food choices, ingredient substitutes, and budgeting. At the end of every session, we gather around the community table made from 33,346 recycled chopsticks, where we enjoy the delicious meal teens worked so hard to create.

Our LKA Teen Nights run every Friday & Saturday night from 7:30 pm to 10 pm. View information on the location-specific page for details on the enrollment.

Practical life skills our teens need and deserve.

Not all teens were created the same, but they all crave independence and need practical life skills as they enter the next chapter of their lives. This stage of development finds teenagers re-evaluating their confidence, and they need this space to take on challenges that fuel their skills, which help them feel pride. Our classes give them a place to go and have fun together while learning valuable life skills. You can feel more comfortable when sending them off onto their next adventure with the ability to feed themselves with healthy ingredients.

Food Philosophy

Giving Back

Thank you for teaching us how to cook amazing dishes. When I cooked the breakfast quesadilla for my family, the room filled with happiness. I was so excited to see their faces when they ate it. I have learned that cooking can really bring people together. I hope I can come and learn at Little Kitchen Academy again.

LKA Student, LKA Point Grey

Join us Take the first step today.

LKA provides educational enrichment to help your child build practical life skills and learn about food literacy. Take the first step in building healthy habits for your child by enrolling them into cooking classes at a Little Kitchen Academy near you.

Not finding a location that works for you right now? Check back later as we have many locations in development and opening soon.