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Cooking classes developed for 3-5 year-olds.

Empowering 3-Hour Classes Provide Preschool Enrichment.

We strive to create a more educated, able, and healthy society through year-round classes organized by age group (ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and 13-18). Each 3-hour class, students are empowered to cook on their own, which builds confidence, independence, and healthy eating habits, all while gaining practical life skills, learning food literacy, and polishing up their table manners by sharing meals around the LKA community table. Classes are available 7-days a week and we are open year-round, including certain holidays, and offer camps during Summer, Winter, and Spring breaks.

Not sure if your 3-year old is ready yet? We’ve found that children often surprise their parents with their capabilities! But you may also consider our Toddler’s First Taste class for kids ages 2-3 and their caregivers.

The curriculum We provide educational enrichment that embraces each child’s own ways of learning.

Our 3-hour work cycle for children 3-5 years old begins when the children change into a chef’s coat and are shown how to properly wash their hands.

Together, we work through the recipe of the day by collecting, washing, and preparing our ingredients. We show the children how to safely handle kitchen equipment and clean up after themselves. We set the community table and enjoy the delicious dish they have just created while practicing table manners.

Food Philosophy

Giving Back

My daughter, Charlotte, began attending weekly classes at age 3 and continues to do so through this Fall, now at age 4. I am absolutely delighted to see how much she has grown! Her desire for learning about food, grocery shopping, chopping, baking, sitting to eat (including using a knife and fork!) and helping me clean after we eat brings a huge smile to my face. I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful school and that these are skills my preschooler will carry with her through her life.

Jessie, LKA Point Grey Parent

Join us Take the first step today.

LKA provides educational enrichment to help your child build practical life skills and learn about food literacy. Take the first step in building healthy habits for your child by enrolling them into cooking classes at a Little Kitchen Academy near you.

Not finding a location that works for you right now? Check back later as we have many locations in development and opening soon throughout North America.