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Little Kitchen Academy strives to be a totally inclusive environment and we believe our curriculum is for every child. While we do not host specialized classes, we do work with parents to best support their child in our environment. Sometimes bringing in an extra LKA Instructor for 1:1 support is a good idea. Other times understanding where best to place the student in class or simply learning supportive and familiar phrases is what is needed.

Please let us know of any learning exceptionalities at registration, so we can work with you to ensure your child has a wonderful experience at Little Kitchen Academy.

If you would like to discuss or request 1:1 support for your child, please contact the location directly for further information.

Please note 1:1 support must be confirmed prior to the class start date per the discretion of the location and not all accommodations can be met.

Yes, our environments are all wheelchair accessible. At every location, there is a station that is built out for wheelchairs and all bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

YES! If your child requires a Support Person/Aide (per a physician’s assessment), we would be happy to discuss how we can welcome them into a class. Please contact the location directly for further details regarding how to enroll their support person. We do not allow any unregistered support into the environment, so this must be arranged a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the class start date.

LKA does not charge a fee for Support Persons/Aides.

Yes, if we are made aware of the allergy at the time of enrollment, we will try our very best to accommodate it with substitute ingredients.

To support our Montessori-inspired curriculum which fosters independence, our program is drop-off only and parents/caregivers say goodbye at the front door. However, verified guardians are welcome to come for the last 10 minutes if they’d like to take pictures of their children and see them engaged at the end of class. We will use the Amilia app to verify each adult before entry, and only adults listed on the Amilia account will be permitted to enter, pick up, or leave the premises with the student. (Minors and family members will be welcomed with a verified caregiver.)

For parents/guardians who choose to come in the last 10 minutes of class, please remember that you may enjoy the view from the front of the location only and the kitchen is still for our students only.  Also, no outside food or drinks are allowed, and you may only take pictures of your own child.  Please keep in mind that the instructor may still have a few steps for your child to complete and, since independence is still our goal, parents are encouraged to observe only.

Our core curriculum is designed for children ages 3-18, however participating LKA schools also offer Toddler’s First Taste (age 2-3) and Senior Classes (age 65+.)

Please watch the video below to learn more.

The Montessori philosophy approaches education through conscientious observation of children while they are encouraged to do work that they are naturally drawn to. The Montessori environment is beautifully organized into different areas to support the growth and development of each child. An area focussed on practical life skills includes work that stimulates both gross and fine motor skills and creates an awareness of the environment in which the child belongs. The sensorial area allows discovery of their senses and encourages constant refinement. The language and math areas introduce concepts starting from concrete to abstract, general to specific, and familiar to unfamiliar.

Little Kitchen Academy reflects the Montessori environment in many aspects. Our environment is beautiful, thoughtfully organized and built with materials and equipment familiar to the children’s environment at home. Recipes have been developed and formatted to suit the children’s abilities based on age. They joyfully practice a three-hour work cycle to experience a ‘from scratch to consumption’ class. Our instructors are here to show the children how to properly use the tools, but step back and observe the independent work- only to help when asked or when safety is concerned. Teaching our children independence in the kitchen reinforces the Montessori philosophy of allowing our children to develop themselves to become a productive part of their own environment. Tasting ingredients and learning descriptive words only refines their senses, igniting more and more interest in food. Working with practical units of measure and combining ingredients to create something new are basic math and science concepts only to be called upon in math and science classes later.

In addition, the Montessori method acknowledges how important the role of the Guide (teacher) is within the environment. The Guide feels honoured and privileged to work with children. At Little Kitchen Academy we believe that working with your children is an honour. We work with patience, humility, and passion. Want to hear more?

We change recipes weekly (unless it’s camp season ,when we change them daily.) There will be times the students make elements of the same thing. For example, we may make butter more than once, or tortillas to be turned into quesadillas one day, and tortilla chips another, or maybe the same salad dressing for an entirely different salad. Our recipes change every season so that we can use the freshest ingredients possible and our students are always learning something new.

We offer week-long Summer, Winter, and Spring Sessions as the school calendars allow. Week-long sessions give us time for more complex recipes that we can build on day by day. Our Summer/Winter/Spring Break sessions sell out very quickly. Make sure to join our mailing list for an invitation to register 3 days early.

Absolutely! Please e-mail the location you are interested in for details.


No. Your child must have reached the required age by the first day of class in order to enroll. We do not make exceptions to this policy

Our classes have been thoughtfully organized into the specific age groups and we have found that our students are the happiest and the most inspired when working in a class surrounded by children of a similar age.

While our instructors are trained to be keen observers, and will certainly add or take away an element of difficulty, please consider the social time at the end of class when we set our community table and chat with each other. Your child will probably feel most comfortable with children their own age. Our curriculums are built for the specific developmental stages and the younger children will be so positively influenced watching the older children, and the older children will benefit and refine their skills when working with the younger children.

Enrolling your child at Little Kitchen Academy is simple, safe, and secure.

  1. Click the Enroll Now button at the top of the page on the main website and choose your desired LKA location that the student will be attending.
  2. Select a session and begin the enrollment process!

To assist you in enrollment, take a moment to watch this video to better understand the process.

If your desired session is full, we do offer waitlist registration in case a space becomes available. We rarely see any movement in our waitlists, so to ensure your child can participate at LKA we suggest finding a session with availability.

If a waitlist spot is made available, it is offered in priority to all waitlisted participants on a first-come, first-served basis. If you receive a notification that a spot has opened up, act quickly and book your child’s space before someone else does.

For the safety and security of our students, Student Access ID Cards must be presented and scanned during pick-up and drop-off at Little Kitchen Academy. CLICK HERE to watch a short video and learn how to download the Amilia App and access the Student ID card.

If you have provided consent for your child (13 years of age or older) to leave Little Kitchen Academy on their own, your child must download the Amilia App and present their own ID Card to the Instructor at start and completion of each class.

To download the Amilia App, follow the appropriate link below using your mobile device, or search for the Amilia app in the Apple or Google Play Stores. The app will have a “Health & Wellness” description and the app image may appear as follows.

For iPhone click here.

For Android click here.

Once you have downloaded the Amilia App, log in using the email and password that you originally set up for your account during enrollment. The email and password are tied to the original account owner (the legal guardian who registered the student). If you wish to give access to additional guardians, simply have them download the Amilia App on their mobile device and share the username/password with them. The App can be on multiple devices, but the login credentials will remain the same. The Amilia App can be used to view your child’s schedule and view Student Access ID Cards.

Little Kitchen Academy is growing with new locations opening in communities all across North America! To find an LKA near you, visit our locations page:


CLICK HERE to find a location nearest you and purchase an eGift Card.

Give the gift of practical life skills and independence with a Little Kitchen Academy gift card. Your special someone will be delighted and inspired by your gift as they experience our empowering environment and learn how to cook a meal from scratch to consumption. Additionally, they will leave each class standing a little bit taller, knowing that they can take on new challenges both in and out of the kitchen.

Redemption & Checking Balances:

  • Gift cards may only be redeemed at the location from which the gift card was purchased.
  • Gift cards never expire.
  • Gift cards cannot be cancelled.
  • Gift cards cannot be purchased using another gift card.

To redeem a gift card, choose a class or session at the location you wish for your child to attend and proceed through the enrollment process. At the payment screen, choose the account credit balance available and apply it to the class purchase. To check your eGift card balance, log in to your Amilia account. Once inside your account, click on “wallet” from the left side menu. At the bottom of the screen that appears you will see the remaining balance.

The prices vary from location to location. Please visit the page of the location closest to you for the most accurate information.

Yes! Pay by installment is available to give LKA families more choice and more flexibility when enrolling. No additional fees or interest will be charged to you if you choose to pay by installment.  This is simply our way of making things a bit easier for our LKA families.

When enrolling your child, you can either pay the full amount immediately or pay by installment. If you choose to pay by installment, 50% of your child’s enrollment fee will be charged immediately, and the remaining amount will be paid through automatic, weekly installments. When enrolling, click on show installments to see the breakdown of payments.

Enrollments using this installment payment method are subject to LKA’s refund, transfer, and cancellation policies Single class drop-ins are not eligible for the pay by installment plan. If you fail to make a payment required under the installment plan, we reserve the right to suspend your enrollment until the issue is resolved.

Yes! We are happy to be able to provide preferred pricing for siblings based on the number of students enrolled at one time. You will see the reduced price automatically calculated in your cart when you add additional students to your enrollment.  You can also click the “Discounts” button on the enrollment screen to see the discount tiers per number of students enrolled at one time. 

What is a Multipass?

Multipasses give you the flexibility of choosing when your child attends Little Kitchen Academy. Purchase a Multipass today and select your child’s classes later when most convenient for your schedule. We offer Multipasses in packages of 3, 5, and 10 classes. You also have the option of an Annual Multipass which gives your child the experience of LKA all year long. The more classes you purchase as part of a Multipass, the more you save on a per class basis! Multipasses are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and subject to expiration dates set by each location.

How do I purchase a Multipass?

Click this link to find an LKA school nearest you. Once on the school’s location page, click the “See Multipasses” button from the Multipasses display box. Select an option from the available Multipasses and proceed to checkout. Pricing may vary by school.

How do I use a Multipass to enroll in a single class/drop-in?

To use a Multipass, simply select an available single class/drop-in from the calendar view and click “enroll”. If this single class/drop-in is part of a seasonal program, choose the specific class from the calendar that appears below and click “register”. Select the child you wish to enroll by selecting the “+” next to their name, and then select the “use a Multipass” option that appears. Single class/drop-in availability may vary by school. 

Can I change classes I have enrolled in using a Multipass?

Yes! No need to contact your location. Up to three days prior to the class date, simply log into your Amilia by clicking this link. Once in your account, select “Purchases” from the left-side menu and locate the drop-ins section under your child’s name. Select the drop-in you wish to cancel, then choose un-register. Now proceed to the locations page and select a new single class/drop-in. 

How do I check the number of multipasses I have remaining?

Log in to your Amilia account by clicking this link. From the main homepage of your account, locate the LKA school and select “Multipasses” from the school’s box. The remaining balance will be displayed under your child’s name.  

Can Multipasses be used for multiple students?

No. The Multipass can only be used to enroll a student for which the Multipass was purchased.


Make-up classes will be offered to any student who misses class due to illness only; and if we are notified BEFORE the class starts, only when space is available.


  • Cancellation Policy: LKA reserves the right to cancel sessions that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements up to two weeks prior to the session’s scheduled start date. Families will be notified of cancellation via email. Students from cancelled sessions may be transferred to another session free of charge. No refunds or make-up classes will be offered to students who miss any classes that they were enrolled for but failed to attend.
  • Illness & Removal Policy: LKA reserves the right to temporarily deny any student admittance to the Premises for reasons of obvious illness, or to request early departure should symptoms become apparent during the course of a class. Any student who seems unable to participate in the cooking classes for any reason will be sent home. This is to ensure the continued good health of everyone at our Premises. We realize that most of you are working parents, but for the health and well-being of the students in our care and our staff we feel it is vital to maintain a strict wellness policy. We ask for parents to assist by keeping sick students at home. It is up to our discretion when a student may return to the Premises. Additionally, fostering a safe learning environment for students is our number one priority. Therefore, LKA reserves the right to remove any student who fails to comply with LKA’s rules and regulations, including the Code of Conduct located HERE, or who engages in any unsafe activity. No refunds or make-up Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services will be given to any student who is removed from class; however, the student may be allowed to attend the next class within their session provided such student has corrected the behavior and will not be a disruption to their fellow students or instructor. Make up classes will be offered to any student who misses class due to illness only; and if we are notified BEFORE the class starts, only when space is available.
  • Withdrawals & Transfers: All requests for session withdrawals or transfers must be made in writing prior to the session start date. LKA does not offer refunds for withdrawals or transfers, however, LKA will happily issue a full credit towards a new session to be used at a future date if the withdrawal request takes place at least 10 days prior to the session start date. If the request takes place within 10 days of the session start date, 50% credit will be issued to be used at a future date. Once the session has begun, no credits or transfers will be issued or allowed. Transfers refer to changing the session dates only. LKA does not allow transferring a session or part of a session to another individual.

LKA is a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday. You can purchase a private class just for your child and their friends (up to 15 students) or invite a few friends to join your child in a public class. While we are committed to our thoughtfully-developed curriculum which doesn’t allow time for cake, present-opening , or adult participation, families who choose to celebrate their child’s birthday with a class typically will go have lunch or dinner nearby for that part of the celebration. To book a private group, contact the location most convenient to you through the email address listed at the bottom of their enrollment page.​

Looking for a great birthday gift? Electronic gift cards are available for purchase in any amount on our website.​

No, none of our recipes at LKA include meat, poultry or seafood. The risk of contamination is so much higher with meat, and even though we have highly trained instructors overseeing every class, we want to try and eliminate any extra worries. The reason we are most passionate about this is because when we consider which recipes to make, we think about our students heading off to independence- complete with new responsibilities and budgets.  We all know that the least expensive part of the grocery store is the local, seasonal produce, so we aim to teach our students how to choose nutrient-dense foods from the produce section. We take every opportunity to discuss adding meat to enhance the meal,  we just don’t cook with it here. You can read more about our food philosophy here.

Our Food Philosophy

Yes, we are a nut-free facility. Please let us know at the time of enrollment if your child has any allergies.

The safety and well-being of our students and instructors is a top priority at Little Kitchen Academy.  These protocols are put in place for the peace of mind and safety of all students, parents and staff. Following these protocols ensures that classes are able to be run smoothly and that students get the maximum amount of learning time in each class.

Emergency Contacts and Authorized Persons

At the time of enrollment, parents are required to provide two (2) local contact phone numbers where they can be reached in case of emergency. Only these contacts will be authorized to pick-up and leave the premises with the student. Additional authorized persons may be added to your Amilia account either during or after enrollment process. This should include nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers you authorize to be responsible for the student. Persons who are not listed on the Amilia account will not be permitted to pick-up or leave the premises with the student. In a case where an “unauthorized person” is attempting to leave with a student, the emergency contacts listed on the account would be called and be required to give authorization over the phone before the student is to be released.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedure

Each student that registers at LKA is given a virtual ID Card accessible by downloading the free Amilia App from the Apple or Google Play Stores, and accessing your account.

This ID Card will need to be scanned, allowing the student to check-in and check-out of each class.

Upon arrival at Little Kitchen Academy, all students will be signed in by an authorized person or by the student, using the Amilia Phone App to access the student ID Card. The ID Card/phone will be scanned, and the authorized person or student will hit a “check-in” button. When checking-out, the ID Card/phone will need to be scanned and the authorized person or student must indicate who is present to pick-up the student, before completing the check-out process.

If a parent or authorized person does not have their phone, or access to the app, they will be required to show picture ID which will be cross referenced with the list of authorized persons provided at registration. Authorized persons will be strongly encouraged to have their phone/app accessible as this is the most efficient process and allows our instructors to focus on the students and begin/end class promptly.


Drop Off – Students should plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class as classes begin promptly at their scheduled time. For the safety and security of our students and instructors, the doors are locked 5 minutes after the scheduled start of class and will remain locked until 5 minutes prior to the end of class.

Any student who arrives 10 minutes after the class start time will not be permitted to attend class that day.

This policy is in place to ensure the safety of our students and instructors and to maintain the integrity and flow of the class being taught. When students arrive late, it is often very difficult to “catch them up” and the entire class suffers as a result.

Pick Up – To be fair and mindful to the fellow students coming in for the next class, authorized persons should plan to arrive at LKA at least 5 minutes prior to scheduled class end time in order to pick up the student.

Instructors will open/unlock the door 10 minutes before the end of class. Students must be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the class end time. If a student is picked up later than 10 minutes after the end time of class, the following will immediately apply.

First time – Parent/Instructor communication

Second time – $25 fee after 10 minutes (Paid by the start of the next class, added to their account on Amilia)

Third time – Removal from program with no refund

In the event that an authorized person has not notified or contacted the Instructors, and do not arrive 10 minutes after the class end time to pick up the student, the procedure is as follows:

  1. An Instructor will phone your Emergency Contact numbers given at registration.
  2. If no one can be contacted by 45 minutes past the end of class time, your local child welfare service will be called to come and pick up the student.

Students will not be sent home in taxis, nor will they be driven home by Instructors.

For students 13 years of age or older, parents may permit their child to arrive and leave Little Kitchen Academy on their own but are required to indicate this on the registration form. You may also submit your consent in writing no less than 24 hours prior to the start of class.  If you have not indicated the child may leave, or have not submitted written consent, the child will not be permitted to leave (regardless of their age) unless picked up by an authorized person.

All students under the age of 13 years old must be dropped off and picked up by a legal guardian or authorized person as identified on your Amilia Account. These authorized persons must present the students’ ID Card to be scanned at the beginning and end of each class. CLICK HERE to watch a short video & learn how to download the Amilia App and access the Student ID card.

Students who are authorized to arrive and leave on their own must present their ID Card (found on the Amilia App) to be scanned at the beginning and end of each class.

All students (regardless of age) that must leave during the class must notify the instructor prior to the start of class be picked up by an authorized person.

In order to provide a ‘from scratch to consumption’ experience, three hours is necessary. From learning safe hand washing, to learning about the kitchen, reading the recipe, collecting ingredients, prepping and cooking, cleaning up, setting a table and enjoying the ‘fruits of their labour’, three hours goes by fast!

Yes, the LKA Recipe for each class will be posted at the front of our environment on the day of class. Parents and students are encouraged to take a picture of the recipe during pick-up & drop-off times.

At Little Kitchen Academy we are committed to providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering environment for our students, instructors, and parents/legal guardians. Our Core Beliefs (Joy. Mindfulness. Empowerment. Health. Learning. Delight) guide our behaviour to create a more educated, able, and healthy society. Through Montessori-inspired practices, LKA values the development of the whole child – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. 

This Code of Conduct is an integral part of involvement with Little Kitchen Academy and requires all students, instructors, and parents/legal guardians of students to follow and uphold these Montessori Principles: 

Care of self 

Care of others 

Care of environment