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What precautions do you have in place for COVID-19?

We are extremely concerned about the COVID-19 virus and are continually monitoring the latest news and advice from the province and federal officials. Providing a safe environment for the health and well-being of our LKA students, instructors, and community is of the utmost importance to us.

Effective immediately, we have made the decision to close for a period of 14 days (March 17th – 31st) to do our part in keeping our environment and your children safe. We will also be donating all of the non-perishable food we purchased for these two weeks to the local food bank, in hopes that many other businesses do the same.

We are proud that we are teaching our students how to wash their hands properly, how to surface sanitize and maintain a clean environment, all while learning how to be independent in the kitchen and make healthy eating choices – in the words of a parent this morning dropping her child off for our spring break sessions “where else would I want my child to be!”

This being said, we believe we are making the responsible decision. If you have a child registered for our spring break sessions through March 29th, you will receive a full credit that can be applied to any future session with no expiry date.

Part of the curriculum at Little Kitchen Academy is being aware and mindful of our environment. And these days that includes the serious concerns surrounding COVID-19. Although we always teach proper hand washing and surface sanitization, we also use any opportunity we find to remind our students that we need to wash our hands often, to catch a cough or sneeze in our arm/elbow and to not touch our face. With a maximum of 10 students per class and individual stations that are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after each class we make every attempt to provide a safe environment.

We appreciate your patience and support of these measures in this unprecedented situation, as safeguarding our entire Little Kitchen Academy community continues to be our top priority.


Felicity & Brian Curin

What will my child experience?

Click the link below to see for yourself!

Watch Video

How do I register for a Season Pass? (current families)

As space is limited to just 10 students per session, the Season Pass was thoughtfully designed to give parents the peace of mind knowing their child will be cared for in a safe, inspiring environment all season long, by reserving their child’s space in three or more sessions.

1) Access your Parent Portal to view the available sessions for the current Season.

2) Locate three (3) or more sessions that take place for the duration of the entire Season.


Spring Tuesday A – Begins Mar 31st, 2020, Ends April 21st, 2020

Spring Tuesday B – Begins April 28th, 2020, Ends May 19th, 2020

Spring Tuesday C – Begins May 26th, 2020, Ends June 9th, 2020

3) Add the first session to your “cart”, and select the student(s) you wish to enroll

4) To take advantage of the special pricing:

o Use Gift Code: SEASONPASS under “Additional Info” during your portal registration

5) Once you have added the student to the first session, “continue shopping” and select/add the additional sessions to your shopping cart.

6) Once all of your sessions have been added to your cart, proceed to “checkout” and complete the enrollment, but DO NOT PAY. We will adjust for special pricing manually and process the enrollment within 24hours of registering.

If you have any questions or need assistance registering for a Season Pass, do not hesitate to reach out to

How do I register for a Season Pass? (new families)

As space is limited to just 10 students per session, the Season Pass was thoughtfully designed to give parents the peace of mind knowing their child will be cared for in a safe, inspiring environment all season long, by reserving their child’s space in three or more sessions.

1) Visit our website and choose REGISTER NOW

2) Click on your child’s age group to view the available sessions

3) Identify three (3) or more sessions that take place during a single season (ex: Spring).


Spring Tuesday A – Begins Mar 31st, 2020, Ends April 21st, 2020

Spring Tuesday B – Begins April 28th, 2020, Ends May 19th, 2020

Spring Tuesday C – Begins May 26th, 2020, Ends June 9th, 2020

4) Choose REGISTER button to the left of the first session you wish to choose.

A Web Registration Form will appear

5) Complete the Web Registration form as normal until you reach this “ENROLL” box below:

6) Press the blue button “SELECT ANOTHER CLASS”. A box will appear that lists all available sessions.

7) Locate and select the 2nd session you wish to enroll your child in. Once you select the session, it will take you back to the Web Registration form.

8) Repeat the process to add additional sessions.

9) To take advantage of the special pricing you must enter a code into the Comment box located just above the Payment Information.


If you have any questions or need assistance registering for a Season Pass, do not hesitate to reach out to

Our Code of Conduct


       LKA Code of Conduct

At Little Kitchen Academy we are committed to providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering environment for our students, instructors, and parents/legal guardians. Our Core Values(Joy. Mindfulness. Empowerment. Health. Learning. Delight) guide our behaviour to create a more educated, able, and healthy society. Through Montessori-inspired practices, LKA values the development of the whole child – physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

This Code of Conduct is an integral part of involvement with Little Kitchen Academy and requires all students, instructors, and parents/legal guardians of students to follow and uphold these Montessori Principles:

Care of self

Care of others

Care of environment


What is Montessori Inspired?

The Montessori philosophy approaches education through conscientious observation of children while they are encouraged to do work that they are naturally drawn to. The Montessori environment is beautifully organized into different areas to support the growth and development of each child. An area focussed on practical life skills includes work that stimulates both gross and fine motor skills and creates an awareness of the environment in which the child belongs. The sensorial area allows discovery of their senses and encourages constant refinement. The language and math areas introduce concepts starting from concrete to abstract, general to specific, and familiar to unfamiliar.

Little Kitchen Academy reflects the Montessori environment in many aspects. Our environment is beautiful, thoughtfully organized and built with materials and equipment familiar to the children’s environment at home. Recipes have been developed and formatted to suit the children’s abilities based on age. They joyfully practice a three-hour work cycle to experience a ‘from scratch to consumption’ class. Our teachers are here to show the children how to properly use the tools, but step back and observe the independent work- only to help when asked or when safety is concerned. Teaching our children independence in the kitchen reinforces the Montessori philosophy of allowing our children to develop themselves to become a productive part of their own environment. Tasting ingredients and learning descriptive words only refines their senses, igniting more and more interest in food. Working with practical units of measure and combining ingredients to create something new are basic math and science concepts only to be called upon in math and science classes later.

And in addition, the Montessori method knows how important the role of the Guide (teacher) is within the environment. The Guide feels honoured and privileged to work with children. At Little Kitchen Academy we believe that working with your children is an honour. We work with patience, humility, and passion. Want to hear more?

Watch Video

Can I come into the kitchen with my child?

While we welcome a quick visit at the end of the class at our community table, this work cycle is for our students. Our environment has been designed and built to safely accommodate 10 children and 3 instructors.

Birthday parties or private events?

We do not host “birthday parties”. Little Kitchen Academy is a safe, exciting space for children and teens to develop practical life skills in the kitchen. We are honoured to be working with our students. We take our work very seriously and we admire and appreciate the hard work our students produce. We LOVE birthdays but we stick to the curriculum that has been thoughtfully developed.

Is Little Kitchen Academy a nut-free Kitchen?


Do you accommodate other food allergies?

If we are made aware at registration, we will try our very best to accommodate allergies.

Will my child be forced to eat anything?

No! We have set recipes for each class and have shopped accordingly. We understand children are nervous about trying new foods, but they are encouraged to make the recipe provided and perhaps give it a try or share with family at home! We will certainly make changes to food sensitivities or allergies as long as we know ahead of time.

Does LKA repeat recipes?

We don’t repeat recipes.  Because we try to cook with seasonal ingredients, we are able to change up easily.  There will be times the students make elements of the same thing- for example, we may make butter more than once, or tortillas to be turned into quesadillas one day, and tortilla chips another, or maybe the same salad dressing for an entirely different salad.  But they are always learning something new.

Does Little Kitchen Academy cook with meat, poultry, or seafood?

None of our recipes at LKA include meat, poultry or seafood.  We do this for many reasons:  If we cooked with meat, we would have to build in a different venting system to accommodate the grease-laden vapors.  The risk of contamination is so much higher with meat, and even though we have 3 instructors for 10 students, we want to try and eliminate any extra worries.  And the reason we are most passionate about this is because when we consider our recipes that we make, we think about our students heading off to independence- complete with new responsibilities and budgets.  We all know that the least expensive part of the grocery store is the local, seasonal produce, so we aim to teach our students how to choose nutrient dense foods from the produce section.  We take every opportunity to discuss adding meat to enhance the meal,  we just don’t cook with it here.

Our Food Philosophy

Can I enroll my child in a younger or older age class?

While our instructors are trained to be keen observers, and will certainly add or take away an element of difficulty, please consider the social time at the end of class when we set our community table and chat with each other. Your child will probably feel most comfortable with children their own age. Our curriculums are built for the specific developmental stages and the younger children will be so positively influenced watching the older children, and the older children will benefit and refine their skills when working with the younger children.

Our classes have been thoughtfully organized into the specific age groups and we have found that our students are the happiest and the most inspired when working in a class surrounded by children of a similar age.

Do you have classes for adults?

Little Kitchen Academy focuses on our students ages three through late teens. While we want to encourage everyone to develop awesome skills in the kitchen, we don’t offer adult classes.

Why a three-hour class?

In order to provide a ‘from scratch to consumption’ experience, three hours is necessary. From learning safe hand washing, to learning about the kitchen, reading the recipe, collecting ingredients, prepping and cooking, cleaning up, setting a table and enjoying the ‘fruits of their labour’, three hours goes by fast!

Does LKA offer camps or special programs during the year?

We offer week-long Summer, Winter, and Spring Sessions as the school calendars allow. Week-long sessions give us time for more complex recipes that we can build on day by day. Our Summer/Winter/Spring Break sessions sell out very quickly. Make sure to join our mailing list for an invitation to register 3 days early.

Is there a Little Kitchen Academy near me?

LKA #1, our flagship Little Kitchen Academy located at 3744 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver, is Now Open. Click here to watch us grow!  Locations

Do you give out the recipes?

We will email a copy of all of the recipes our students worked on during their session. This is sent up to a week after their last class.

Do you offer makeup classes?

No. We are unable to offer makeup classes regardless of the reason.

Is it ok to be late for drop off or pick up?


To ensure safety and providing the best possible experience for our students, we promptly lock the doors 10 minutes after class start time. We do not open the doors again until 5 minutes before class ends.

Arriving more than 10 minutes late interrupts the class, breaks concentration, and our instructors are not always able to help catch the students up- our first priority will always be the safety of our students.

Picking children up late also disrupts our environment. We run a very tight schedule and must spend the time in between classes to prepare and carefully sanitize the environment for our next class.

Our Policies, Consent, Release, and Waiver



Little Kitchen Academy Ltd. (“LKA”, “we”, “us, “our”) requires that our students and/or parents (“you”, “yourself”, “your”)carefully review and accept the terms and conditions of this Consent, Release and Waiver prior to participating in any of the activities described below. By signing this Consent, Release and Waiver, you will waive certain legal rights, including the right to sue. As such, please read this document carefully.

As valid consideration for: (i) entry into the premises of any LKA location (the “Premises”) by you and/or your minor child; (ii) participation by you and/or your minor child in activities and classes (each set of classes being a “session”) offered on the Premises (“Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services”); and (iii) your and/or your minor child’s use of the supplies, ingredients, and equipment located on the Premises and other services offered by LKA, you agree as follows on behalf of yourself and/or your minor child:

  • Assumption of Risk:
    1. Risks: You acknowledge and agree that: (i) the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services may involve risks of injury and illness (the “Risks”), including but not limited to cuts, falls, burns, allergic reactions, and other risks associated with preparing and consuming food; (ii) the Risks may be increased as a result of the fact that the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services are being offered in a group setting; and (iii) there may be Risks that are not known or reasonably foreseeable at this time. You acknowledge and agree to assume all Risks and associated damages or losses which you and/or your minor child may sustain in participating in the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services.
    2. Allergies: You acknowledge and agree that you are obligated to disclose whether you have and/or your minor child has any known food allergies prior to the commencement of the applicable Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services
    3. Ability to Participate:You acknowledge and agree that LKA, its affiliates, and franchisees, and all of its and their owners, employees, and contractors, assume no duty to you or your minor child regarding the medical ability to participate in any Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services.
    4. Equipment Usage: You agree that you will not and that you will instruct your minor child not to utilize any equipment on the Premises unless and until proper use of the equipment has been explained and is understood. You understand that such equipment must be operated in strict accordance with instructions.
    5. Emergency Treatment: If applicable, in the event of any emergency, you authorize LKA to secure from any licensed hospital, physician, and/or medical personnel any treatment deemed necessary for your minor child’s immediate care and agree that you will be responsible for the payment of any and all medical services rendered.
  • Release of Liability: You, for yourself, your minor child’s other legal guardians, your minor child, and on behalf of any of your and their heirs, executors and administrators, as applicable, forever release and discharge LKA, its affiliates, franchisees and any of their employees, contractors, past, present, and future directors, principals, owners, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents, and officers (collectively, the “Released Parties”), of and from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, damages, costs (including reasonable legal fees and costs), actions and causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever (collectively, “Claims”) related to or arising from, whether directly or indirectly, activities on the Premises or otherwise undertaken in connection with the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services (collectively, “Losses”). For greater certainty, Losses include, but are not limited to: (a) personal injuries or illness (including death), damages, or losses to you and/or your minor child; and (b) property damage (i) arising out of or relating to participation, whether passively or actively, in any Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services or other activities on the Premises, including but not limited to use of any equipment; or (ii) occurring on the Premises, including but not limited to your and/or your minor child’s use of any restroom area, common area, associated sidewalks, and parking areas. You agree not to bring any Claims against the Released Parties, whether personally or through any third party. The release contained in this Section 2)will be construed to apply to the greatest extent permitted by law and, if permitted by law, will apply even if any Losses are caused in whole or in part by the Released Parties’ own negligence or the negligence or willful conduct of any other patron who is on the Premises or who is participating in any of the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services. You, for yourself, your minor child’s other legal guardians, your minor child, and on behalf of your and their heirs, executors, and administrators, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties against all Claims, each of every kind and nature whatsoever, which may in any way arise out of or result from your and/or minor child’s acts or omissions on the Premises. The indemnity contained in this paragraph will apply even if any Losses are caused, in part, by the Released Parties’ own negligence.
  • Photography & Videography:
    1. Acknowledgement: You acknowledge that LKA may wish to film, photograph, or otherwise record your or your minor child’s image, work, or performance, or use my/their name, likeness, or other personal attributes (collectively referred to as “Works”), and may wish to display, publish, or distribute the Works on LKA’swebsite, social media accounts, or in LKA’s promotional materials or internal publications. You acknowledge that by your/your minor child’s participating in different activities on the Premises or in the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services, the Works may be captured in incidental ways.
    2. Consent: You give consent to LKA to film, photograph, or otherwise record the Works, and display, publish, or distribute the Works (including altering, modifying, and combining the Works with or into other works and creating derivative works, by means of all forms, media, and technologies now known or hereafter developed whatsoever), for the following uses:
      1. on LKA’s website:  Yes
      2. on LKA’s social media accounts:  Yes
  • in LKA’s promotional materials (such as print or television ads):  Yes
  1. in LKA’s internal publications (such as newsletters and invitations):  Yes
  2. in LKA’s private, invite-only, Facebook group:  Yes

(collectively, the “Uses”)

If you do not so consent, you must notify LKA by completing and delivering Appendix “A” to

  1. Assignment: You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally assign and transfer to LKA all right, title, or interest that your minor child or you may have throughout the world in the Works, without any limitation of time, for the Uses. You acknowledge and agree that LKA and its successors, assigns, and licensees may use the Works for the Uses, by means of all forms, media, and technologies now known or hereafter developed whatsoever. You agree that no compensation will be given for the Uses.
  2. Restrictions: You acknowledge and agree that you will not re-post any Works from any of the sources identified in Section 3)b)on any of your own social media accounts unless they solely contain images of you and/or your minor child.
  • Fees, Tuition, & Payment Policy: Applicable Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services tuition and fees must be paid in full immediately following the completion of the registration form. Payments must be made via the Parent Portal accessible from our Website and may only be made using either Visa or Mastercard. For clarity, instructors do not have the ability to accept tuition payments on-site and will refuse all payment by cash, personal check, and credit card at the Premises.
  • Cancellation Policy: LKA reserves the right to cancel sessions that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements up to two weeks prior to the session’s scheduled start date. Families will be notified of cancellation via email. Students from cancelled sessions may be transferred to another session free of charge.No refunds or make-up Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services will be offered to students who miss any classes that they were registered for but failed to attend.
  • Illness & Removal Policy: LKA reserves the right to temporarily deny any student admittance to the Premises for reasons of obvious illness, or to request early departure should symptoms become apparent during the course of a class. Any student who seems unable to participate in the Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services for any reason will be sent home. This is to ensure the continued good health of everyone at our Premises. We realize that most of you are working parents, but for the health and well-being of the students in our care and our staff we feel it is vital to maintain a strict wellness policy. We ask for parents to assist by keeping sick students at home. It is up to our discretion when a student may return to the Premises. Additionally, fostering a safe learning environment for students is our number one priority. Therefore, LKA reserves the right to remove any student who fails to comply with LKA’s rules and regulations, including the Code of Conduct located HERE, or who engages in any unsafe activity. No refunds or make-up Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services will be given to any student who is removed from class; however, the student may be allowed to attend the next class within their session provided such student has corrected the behavior and will not be a disruption to their fellow students or instructor.
  • Age, Attendance, Parent Pick-up, Language, Medical, Learning Needs: Students enrolled in sessions must be the ages required for their specific Self-Improvement/Instructional Cooking Services session by the session start date, unless otherwise admitted by the instructor. LKA reserves the right to withdraw students who have been registered in an incorrect age category. Depending on availability, students may be placed in a similar session with their appropriate age group. Every student who attends a class at LKA must be registered online. Instructors do not have the ability to register students on-site. LKA is not responsible for the care of students before or after class time. Repeated lateness to class or failure to pick a student up from class may lead to a student’s discharge from the class with no refund. Classes begin and end promptly at the posted session times. Please ensure students are on time to prevent disruptions to the other students. For safety reasons, all students must have a comprehensive understanding of the English language before attending classes.
  • Withdrawals & Transfers: All requests for session withdrawals or transfers must be made in writing prior to the session start date. LKA does not offer refunds for withdrawals or transfers, however, LKA will happily issue a full credit towards a new session to be used at a future date if the withdrawal or transfer request takes place at least 10 days prior to the session start date. If the request takes place within 10 days of session start date, 50% credit will be issued to be used at a future date. Once the session has begun, no credits or transfers will be issued or allowed. Transfers are dependent on session availability.

You, the undersigned, have thoroughly read this Consent, Release and Waiver and you understand that you are giving up substantial rights on behalf of yourself and/or your minor child by signing it. You understand that you have the right to have a lawyer of your choosing review and advise you as to the terms and conditions of this Consent, Release and Waiver. You are signing this Consent, Release and Waiver knowingly, voluntarily and without any inducement. This Consent, Release and Waiver replaces all earlier versions and constitutes the entire and exclusive agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereto and supersedes any oral or other written understanding. However, any registration agreement and any other non-conflicting documents executed contemporaneously with this Consent, Release and Waiver are to be read in conjunction with this document and are not superseded by this document. This Consent, Release and Waiver may only be modified in writing by the parties.


DATED:________________________________, 20____.

Please note:

  • The law requires that minors (i.e. typically, children under the age of 13) are given the opportunity to protect their own image, so we ask you to discuss this form with your child/dependent and encourage them to write their own name.
  • When only one parent/guardian signs to indicate consent, he/she does so in good faith and is presumed to be acting with the consent of any other legal parent/guardian.




Name of Student



Signature of Student





Name of Parent/Guardian



Signature of Parent/Guardian




Appendix “A”


As _______________________(the “Student”), or as the parent/legal guardian of the Student, if you are not comfortable with LKA using the Student’s Works (as defined in the Consent, Release and Waiver) in the promotional activities set out therein, please sign and return the following declaration to LKA:

I hereby confirm that I have read, and fully understand the contents of the Consent, Release and Waiver and do not consent to the use of the Student’s Works by LKA. However, I acknowledge that given the nature of LKA’s operations, it may not always be practical for the Student to be physically absent from photographs, and in such instances I agree that LKA may use photographs of the Student in the promotional activities set out in the Consent, Release and Waiver provided that the Student’s face is unrecognizable or is obscured, whether due to the angle of the photograph or editing.



Name of Student or Parent/Guardian   Signature of Student or Parent/Guardian