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Meet me in the kitchen

Meet Me in the Kitchen tells intimate, unexpected stories that explore the common threads of humanity and illuminate what brings us together. Through the power of dialogue and storytelling, we are connecting purpose-driven people and brands passionate about building a more educated, able, and healthy society.

In the process of building Little Kitchen Academy, co-founders Felicity and Brian Curin grew a burgeoning community of like-minded, passionate, interesting individuals with vast experience and expertise. Through meaningful conversations with their growing LKA Family, the spark of an idea formed to create a podcast that would share the people, practices, and stories from this network of individuals committed to creating a healthier world.

“In the process of building Little Kitchen Academy, we were humbled by the incredible people who wanted to be a part of this brand and by the students, parents, instructors, and partners who have chosen to join us in changing lives from scratch. The reason I think this podcast is so powerful is it gives us the opportunity to share the beauty and joy we experience every day at Little Kitchen Academy with parents and the public. I see this as an opportunity for parents to meet the people making the decisions behind LKA, to understand why they make those decisions, and to explore how the people behind this brand are creating an incredible experience for their child. I hope this podcast will spark the curiosity of our parents just like our Instructors do every day with our students.”

Felicity Curin, Little Kitchen Academy Co-Founder

 Seasoned broadcasting professional Scott Rintoul hosts us in the one place that universally inspires connection, creativity, and sharing – the kitchen! A passionate storyteller, Scott uncovers heart-driven narratives and unexpected journeys of discovery in the place where every good party or gathering ends up.

Join us as we share stories, connect, and make memories.

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November 23, 2022

Leading with Yes: Yuri Fulmer

Empowering children to change their lives and those of others in a positive manner is Little Kitchen Academy’s North Star. Though Yuri Fulmer didn’t have the privilege of attending LKA, his story also began with an infusion of self-belief via the food industry. His rags to riches story is extremely compelling, but it’s Yuri’s commitment to providing better opportunities for others that fills his cup and explains his alignment with Little Kitchen Academy.

November 9, 2022

The Principal’s Office: Steve Anthony

Rarely does a father follow in his son’s footsteps, but that’s exactly what Steve Anthony is doing after his son Charlie starred in the preceding episode of the podcast. Steve is the Head of School at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver and has multiple connections to Little Kitchen Academy. From teaching his own kids to rocking out in his kitchen, Steve openly shares his stories, opinions and parental advice in addition to his admiration for how Little Kitchen Academy is enhancing education.

October 26, 2022

The Student Becomes the Teacher: Charlie Anthony

The purpose of Little Kitchen Academy is to empower its students and those they come in contact with; Charlie Anthony is living proof of that mission. Charlie’s gone from being a student attending teen night classes to an instructor as he pursues a career in teaching. Hear how he’s influenced his university housemates with his cooking, how students have influenced him at Little Kitchen Academy, and how he hopes to influence generations to come in much the same way his parents have.

October 12, 2022

La Reina de Recetas: Natalia Ordoñez C.

Children rave about the dishes they create at Little Kitchen Academy, and while every creation is unique, each one is based on a thoughtfully prepared recipe. Natalia Ordoñez oversees those recipes as the Recipe and Curriculum Manager, but her imprint on the fabric of Little Kitchen Academy stretches far beyond that title. Her infectious spirit brightens whatever room she’s in, while her global upbringing and sense of adventure add a welcome zest to foods the students prepare.

September 28, 2022

Family Matters: The Rintouls

Every member of the Rintoul family has played a role in Little Kitchen Academy’s evolution. Abigail and Emily are students themselves and are featured in many of Little Kitchen’s promotional materials. Fiona is LKA’s Global Director of Partner Support and Training. Scott hosts and produces this podcast series. So what happens when dad brings his family to work? Find out if parenting and podcasting can coexist, what children take from their experiences at Little Kitchen Academy, and why Fiona is so emotionally invested in her job.

September 14, 2022

Garbage Man with a PhD: Felix Böck

Many a great idea has been hatched over dinner, but very few have turned into something to eat a dinner on. Felix Böck is the man behind the beautiful community table found in every Little Kitchen Academy, a table that symbolizes many of the values that both he and LKA stand for. From his unconventional method of learning English to his unwavering affection for bamboo, Felix explains how a boy from a tiny German village has turned chopsticks into Chop Value for the rest of the world's benefit.

August 31, 2022

The Dean's List: Rickey Yada

It’s not that far from his family’s grocery store in Richmond to the campus at the University of British Columbia, but Rickey Yada has come a long way in becoming the Academic Dean of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. His journey has given him extensive knowledge of the multitude of advancements in the food industry, yet as Rickey explains, getting back to our roots may provide the best path forward. You’ll hear why Little Kitchen Academy makes the Dean’s List, and why Rickey doesn’t have to worry about sharing his ice cream.

August 17, 2022

The World is Their Oyster: Hayley Sexton & Eamon Clark

A Montessori guide walks into an oyster bar and… well, that’s not exactly true, but it makes for a great opening line! When Hayley Sexton and Eamon Clark discovered the Little Kitchen Academy website, they knew they had found their calling. The couple has a wealth of experience from the two worlds that Little Kitchen Academy fuses together, and is proud to be operating LKA The Beach in their own community. You’ll hear tales from the oyster shucking world and why family is the one ingredient that is always in their kitchen.

August 3, 2022

For the Love of Food: Michelle Marin

Michelle Marin is a recent graduate of the UBC Dietetics program and has a passion for health and wellness. Michelle entered Little Kitchen Academy via her practicum placement while completing her degree and shares her perspective on how Little Kitchen Academy’s approach is informing the next generation about food. Michelle was courageous and vulnerable enough to divulge the negative relationship she had with food earlier in her life, and reveals why she believes the enjoyment of what we eat can play a role in cultivating personal happiness.

Compassion is the one ingredient that is always in Michelle's kitchen!

July 19, 2022

Ahead By a Century: Avery Fletcher

Growing up vegetarian wasn’t always easy. Nor was fitting into a restaurant industry that seemed to lack acceptance and compassion. It was enough to cause Avery Fletcher to rethink choosing a culinary career. But thanks to a stint in spinning, a cross-country move, and an application for a part-time job, the Director of Little Kitchen Academy at Westfield Century City believes he has found his place. And he’s determined to make sure everyone knows they too have a place at Little Kitchen Academy.

Joy is the one ingredient that is always in Avery's kitchen!

July 5, 2022

Iron Chef’s Kiss: Cat Cora

There’s not much Cat Cora has left to do in the culinary world. The first female to achieve Iron Chef status has worked in kitchens all around the globe, authored a book, and been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame, all while smashing glass ceilings along the way. So why was someone in such high demand so eager to be a part of Little Kitchen Academy?? Cat reveals that answer, explains how her family has influenced her career, and details what she wants to see when she walks into a kitchen full of children.

June 13, 2022

LKA: The Next Generation: Bronwyn, Gabriella, and Gwendolyn Curin

Before Little Kitchen Academy was even a concept, it was inadvertently being created in the Curin kitchen with their three young girls. Bronwyn, Gabriella, and Gwendolyn helped Felicity discover the key ingredients to creating independent children, and they’ve grown into remarkable young women. The Curin girls dish on the journey from students to teachers, getting “Little Kitchened” at home, and how they’ve come to appreciate the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

June 13, 2022

If the Shoe Fits: David Kahan, CEO BIRKENSTOCK Americas

Every step that Little Kitchen Academy takes is supported by the world’s most iconic footwear brand, BIRKENSTOCK, thanks to David Kahan. The CEO of BIRKENSTOCK Americas talks shoes, Springsteen, and synergy, explaining why Little Kitchen Academy is such a great fit for him on a number of levels. Find out which ingredient is always in his kitchen and which tv show he recommends to everyone.

June 13, 2022

Starting from Scratch: Felicity and Brian Curin, Co-Founders of Little Kitchen Academy

It’s the inaugural episode of Meet Me in the Kitchen, and who better to talk to than the founders of Little Kitchen Academy, Felicity and Brian Curin. The couple shares a few laughs with their brother in-law, Scott Rintoul, before diving into the story behind the creation of Little Kitchen Academy. Felicity and Brian share personal anecdotes about their family, talk about navigating the challenges of franchising their vision, and explore how this endeavour has provided each of them a greater purpose.