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Progressive Knive Set

the first-of-its-kindProgressive Knife Set

#1 Parent-requested Tool Continue their practice at home.

Previously available only in Little Kitchen Academy classes, now families everywhere can empower their children with essential knife safety skills fostering a lifelong love for cooking.

Introductory Price $199.99 – free shipping!

Limited quantity available: Orders will arrive 7-10 days from purchase.

Whether your child is an aspiring chef or they could benefit from more experience in the kitchen, this set will be treasured for life! The same quality knife set for adults sells for at least $300 and this set can be used by the whole family.

Progressive Knife Set For Kids

What they’re saying

What’s included?

Level One Knife (Add On).

The Little Kitchen Academy Wooden Chopper by PRISE is a great addition for kids 3 years and older just getting started in the kitchen.

Level Two Knife.

This exclusive, never-seen-before knife style was developed to provide an important intermediate step for young kids ready to progress their skills.

Level Three Knife.

This knife is a great for children who have refined their fine motor skills and are getting more confident in the kitchen.

Level Four Knife.

This knife can be used by all ages and has typically been used by LKA students who have more advanced knife skills.

Level Five Knife.

This chef’s knife is suitable for virtually any task establishing itself as a paramount tool in the kitchen that can be used at any age.


The Progressive Knife Set comes beautiful boxed accompanied by a convenient sharpener and canvas knife roll. You may also add on the silicone mat used in our LKA schools as a safe, non-slip service for resting cutting boards.

Develop skills safely LKA’s founder, Felicity Curin, introduces the set.

Learn more about LKA’s Progressive Knife Set with a personal introduction from the founder of Little Kitchen Academy, Felicity Curin. Felicity explains each level as children progress through the knife set and demonstrates how each knife was carefully designed for safety and independence at each stage of your child’s cooking journey.

Limited supply currently available.