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Sessions at Little Kitchen Academy

seasonal sessions allow us to create fresh, nutritious in-season recipes

At Little Kitchen Academy, eating with the seasons is an integral part of our food philosophy. By creating and teaching recipes that use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, students light up with excitement about exploring fresh flavours, learning how their meals should be inspired by nature, and finding out where their food comes from.

Students will get the opportunity to select fresh herbs and vegetables from our Living Food Wall powered by AeroGarden—our very own in-house garden—and learn how to create seasonal recipes that taste delicious. Ignite the independence in your child and give them the gift of practical life skills by registering now.

Students experience a three-hour class once a week during the school year or over five consecutive days during Summer, Winter & Spring breaks. All of our sessions are grouped by age, so that we may ensure that skills learned that day are appropriate and safe for all students in attendance. Each session your child will learn how to make a healthy snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner—from scratch to consumption.


summer sessions for
long, sunny days

Summer offers a bounty of fresh ingredients, and what better time to take advantage of this colourful harvest our summer sessions. By showing them how to create tasty, fresh meals, we are teaching practical skills that will last a lifetime.

Our summer sessions offer children a unique alternative to summer activities, and gets them away from being in front of their screens. Your children will leave our kitchen excited about the ingredients, recipes and foods they have tried, and feel empowered to prepare them at home for the family. Give your children a unique experience for their summer by registering now.

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fall sessions are a
time for harvest

As summer starts to fade and leaves start to fall, our attention turns towards the autumn harvest. Squash, pumpkins, corn, carrots. All of them still have the power to tempt our children’s tastebuds.

At Little Kitchen we don’t let the changing seasons stop us from creating delicious and nutritious meals. In fact, we embrace the change, showing our students how to create seasonal recipes that use the freshest ingredients available. Your children will leave with a renewed passion for food and for nature, along with valuable life skills.

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warm winter aromas and
heart-warming smiles

Winter brings shorter days, longer nights spent indoors and cool weather. But when your children step inside our kitchen—warm baking, hot soups and new lessons bring smiles to their faces, plus, gives them an outlet for their pent up winter energy.

Your kids will be thrilled to learn the skills and gain the confidence to be able to be a part of family holiday meal planning. And you’ll be thrilled to have the help!

A remarkable number of foods that keep our bodies healthy actually thrive during the colder winter months. Winter favourites like swiss chard, leeks, parsnips, sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and the very popular kale will be featured in the food that you will learn to create – winter salads, rustic soups, incredible casseroles, and hearty main courses – all made from scratch to consumption.

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spring, inspired by
fresh growth

Now is the time when the earth sprouts new growth, and fresh, young ingredients such as peas, radishes and lettuces start to become readily available. You might think your child won’t eat those things, but by using fresh, local ingredients, we are able to spark the imagination, and tastebuds of our students.

Sign up for our spring sessions and give your child a new perspective on food. We will show them how to create recipes they love, and send them on a path towards a lifetime of fresh, healthy eating. Register for our spring sessions and let this fresh new season tempt even the pickiest eaters into becoming eager chefs.

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