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Fall sessions at Little Kitchen Academy

the Fall is a time for harvest and we want to celebrate

Did you know that most places on Earth celebrate the harvest? From Thanksgiving in North America, to the New Yam (Iwa Ji) Festival in Nigeria, to Maras Taun in Indonesia, people around the world come together at Harvest time to celebrate food, family, and the bounty that they have nurtured throughout the year!

Here at Little Kitchen Academy, eating with the seasons is an integral part of our food philosophy. Healthy eating means that the food we use in our creations is used as soon as it is harvested. Mother Nature provides from the ground what our bodies need at specific times of the year, and our recipes reflect that – We believe ‘what grows together, goes together!’ Students will select in-season ingredients from our Living Food Wall – our very own in-house garden – in order to inspire the day’s creation. Fall favourites like pumpkin, apple, cranberry, squash, and corn will be featured in the food that you will learn to create – hearty soups, beautiful salads, rustic main courses (and of course, delicious pies) All from scratch to consumption.

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three-hour classes,
once a week for four consecutive weeks

Little Kitchen Academy Fall Sessions consist of three-hour classes once a week for four weeks at a time. All of our sessions are grouped by age, so that we may ensure that skills learned that day are appropriate and safe for all students in attendance. Our three-hour work cycle begins when the children change into their chef’s coat and are shown how to properly wash their hands.

Together, we work through enriched recipes by collecting, washing, and prepping our ingredients. We encourage our students to make substitutions based on their personal interests. We show our students how to safely handle kitchen equipment and clean up after themselves. After clean-up, we set the community table made from 33,346 recycled chopsticks, and enjoy the delicious meal that we have created together, encouraging discussions on food, health, and the environment—or maybe even how we could change the recipe next time.

3-5 6-8 9-12 13-15 16+
Only 10 students per class

reserve your
spot before it’s
too late

Fall Sessions at Little Kitchen Academy are a unique opportunity for your children to complement their formal education with valuable life skills that help them grow and develop into a whole person (while having a lot of fun doing it). There are only ten students per class—reserve your spot before it’s too late.

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