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“Our 3 year old really enjoyed his class at LKA! He talked about it all day after the class. We signed him up for the next month of classes and he's looking forward to it!”

Jeffrey P., LKA Westfield Century City

“I have a shy little guy but the instructors did an amazing job of welcoming him in. He was engrossed in class in no time. We are vegan and I was super excited it could be accommodated. He loves classes so much as soon as one is over he asks about another one.”

Susan E. LKA Austin Arbor Walk

“My daughter (9) attended a dessert class at LKA. She came home, raving about it. She loved the fact they created a lemon cake from scratch, and loved that each child had their own small kitchen so they could be involved from start to finish (other classes she’s attended, she had never had the opportunity to actually bake her food in the oven, herself). The facility itself was spotless, and the instructor was amazing. Will definitely be signing up for more classes!”

Jasmine, LKA Toronto The Beach

“We love little kitchen academy. The teachers are kind and patient. They answer all my kids questions and help them gain confidence in the kitchen. The classes are also the perfect length for a dinner date.”

Heather C., LKA Edmonton Ellerslie

“My 3.5 year old loved the half-day class she took during a PA-Day! It was great to be able to drop her off and know she was in good hands. LKA uses a special app to make sure your little one is safe and only leaves with an approved person at the end of class, which is sometimes scary for parents of such young ones. Looking forward to our next class!”

Stefanie C., LKA Toronto The Beach

“Both my kids love this place! I love that LKA introduces them to new foods they would never try at home. Now my kids ask me to buy vegetables at the grocery store. Even when Lka makes a desert it’s low sugar and mom approved. My kids are learning lessons for healthy eating that they will have for life.”

Katie Love, LKA Denver 9+CO

“This is a very special place for little chefs of all levels. My child just finished a session here and everything that was made was so delicious. Seriously, my child cooks/bakes better than me! The staff are so friendly and very good with ensuring safety. My child is very confident in the kitchen now and for a picky eater, they have finally broadened their palate. Thank you!”

S.C, LKA Toronto High Park

“My daughter (age 6) loves the hands-on cooking experience at Little Kitchen Academy! She is excited to go there every time and is so proud of her work at the end of the class. I love how every child is provided with their own set of cooking tools so that they have the independence to make their meal from start to finish. Yes, Little Kitchen is pricier but the experience your child gets is well worth the money.”

Jennifer S., LKA Edmonton Ellerslie

“Wonderful!! Extremely hands on and allows children to learn everything they need not only about safety in the kitchen but gives them so much confidence about what they make. Teachers are wonderful as well. Thank you!”

Enaiya H., LKA St. Albert

“My 6 year old daughter absolutely loved her experience with LKA. She made rainbow sushi and loved it so much I didn’t have to make her any dinner! She can’t wait for her next session! Thanks for making it so fun and memorable!”

Laura B., LKA Vancouver Point Grey