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Why Montessori?

montessori education values the development of the whole child- physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

Montessori is not only a pedagogy, it is a movement.  It is a way to provide an environment in which children can become who they are meant to be.  They are given tools and experiences that allow development at their speed, with their interests being encouraged, while nurturing specific needs during their sensitive periods.

In a typical Montessori environment, you will find thoughtfully and scientifically created work that supports development and growth in Language, Math, Practical Life and Sensory Refinement.  Language development begins with spoken words, moves to writing, and as the child develops, reading. And reading beautifully. Math work begins with general ideas, and advances to specific. Concrete to abstract.  Familiar to unfamiliar. Practical Life provides lessons in life skills. From sweeping up a mess on the floor to tying shoelaces. And the Sensorial Area allows for exploration, development and refinement of the senses- olfactory, gustatory, tactile, auditory, and visual.  The keys to their universe.

empowerment. joy. mindfulness. learning. delight. health.

At Little Kitchen Academy, children are exposed to math while using units of measure, or producing yield when chopping 1 red pepper into 15 pieces.  They work with basic science experiments when watching what happens to matter when heat is added, or observing the change in flour and water when yeast starts to develop.  Reading recipes together strengthens their (pre)reading skills. Caring for plants, understanding the nutrients they contain, and what they do to your body is the best way to understand the beginnings of biology.  At LKA our students learn the basic (and often challenging) fundamentals of primary education in the kitchen. They learn basic life skills. And best of all, they have lots of fun.