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steps to owning your own little kitchen academy

Owning your own Little Kitchen Academy franchise is a big commitment, which is why we’ve created a thorough process to ensure you have all the information you need to make your decision. Our skilled team are here to support you from when you first connect with us, to the day you open your doors to your first students, and beyond! Through this process you will:

    1. Fill out our recipe card to get in touch and share your interest!
      • Once you complete the recipe card you will receive a number of documents and videos introducing you to our exciting concept so you can learn more about Little Kitchen Academy and how you can start changing lives from scratch in your community!
    2. Have an initial call with our franchise development team
      • It is an essential ingredient in the Little Kitchen Academy experience that our franchisees share our passion, enthusiasm, and vision. This initial call allows us to answer your initial questions while ensuring you have the passion, financial capacity, and drive to pursue franchise ownership.
    3. Schedule a call with our CEO, Brian Curin:
      • Brian is a visionary and innovative business leader who has founded, led, and transformed several Inc. 500|5000 companies. He’s built some of the most exciting and fastest-growing brands globally including Little Kitchen Academy, Flip Flop Shops, OfficeZilla.com, Chop Shop Hair Studios, JOE’S Jeans, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Cold Stone Creamery. He meets with every candidate that meets our pre-qualifications.
    4. Attend a virtual kitchen tour of our flagship location with Co-Founders, Felicity & Brian Curin:
      • Experience for yourself the inspiring  environment where every day our students learn practical life skills while developing healthy eating habits.
    5. Complete and return the Due Diligence Form:
      • Our detailed Due Diligence Form provides you with an extensive list of items to complete. This ensures you understand your market, demographics, and community well before you open your franchise.
    6. Attend a virtual Meet & Greet with the LKA Corporate team:
      • Meet the like-minded people that will be supporting you throughout the life of your franchise!
    7. Sign your franchise agreement! Congratulations! 
    8. Attend LKA University
      • LKAU is a comprehensive week-long hands-on training program with the LKA Corporate Team where you will learn everything you will need to open your location.
    9. Open your location and start changing lives from scratch in your community!

The franchise sales and other information contained on this site is not intended as an offer to purchase a franchise, or the solicitation to purchase a franchise, by Little Kitchen Academy Ltd., its related bodies corporate or its affiliates, its agents and representatives or anyone else. The offer of a Little Kitchen Academy franchise can be made only through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document. The Little Kitchen Academy franchise has been registered in certain jurisdictions, as required. Such registration does not constitute an approval, recommendation or endorsement of our franchise by any jurisdiction’s respective commissioner, department of state or any other regulator, nor is a finding by any commissioner, department of state or regulator that the information provided herein is true, complete, and not misleading. If you are a resident of a jurisdiction that has laws governing the offer or sale of a franchise, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with the applicable legal requirements to sell a franchise in your jurisdiction.


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